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Why this concept?

Being from the industry we have seen the struggle of new-comers to showcase their talent to the right people at the right time. Our platform aims to help the would be stars and super-stars to overcome this challenge and show their talent to the entertainment industry at a click of a button.

This will also give an opportunity for Directors, producers, casting agents and others to search & launch for talent hidden across the world and bring them mainstream.

About Us

We are in the Production and Post-Production industry for the past 15 years. And through our association with Media & Entertainment industry we have had the privilege to look at this industry closely.

We observed that anyone who wants to enter this industry without having any connection or strong references finds it difficult to get through even if they are extremely talented. Often, we have seen that even if one is talented it is not recognized because of lack of opportunity and lack of an easier way to showcase the talent.

Our aim is to bridge this gap and give an opportunity to deserving new-comers to bring their talent in front of the world.

Welcome to Find New Stars – we wish and hope that you find success and become the Star you always wanted to be.